About Us

Want to know more about McButton? 

McButton Clothing was started by Jamie and Kimberley Seal at the end of 2022 and it's our mission to create high quality custom products at affordable prices.

We are based in Rugby, Warwickshire and also run our martial arts school Seal Martial Arts out of the same building. Seal Martial Arts was started in June 2016 to bring the art of Ninjutsu to Rugby and to this day we are still the only legitimate Ninjutsu school in the area! Seal Martial Arts also received support from the Princes Trust in 2017 and since then we have grown the dojo into a thriving community of martial artists!

We started McButton Clothing because we kept having issues trying to get our martial arts clothing made by other companies and eventually after several failed attempts we thought screw it, we'll do it ourselves! 

Fortunately my wife Kim is a very talented graphics designer so she got to designing some cool clothing for the students of the Seal Martial Arts and we started mastering the ancient art of making clothing with HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl). 

We discovered we loved making clothing for the students of the dojo so we figured we would make our services available to the wider market to try and solve some of the issues we experienced ourselves when trying to source custom clothing.

Now we offer full HTV and sublimation printing so we can do full colour pictures on clothing and all sorts of crazy designs. In the near future we will also offer screen printing and custom embroidery services to our customers. We only started at the end of 2022 so McButton Clothing has grown rather rapidly over the past few months! 

We are amazed by the level of support we have received from our loyal customers so far since we started and are grateful to everyone who has placed an order with us. Lets face it we are a small business just starting out so we need your support to keep the lights on in the shop and to continue doing what we love! 

You can visit us in the shop based at the Seal Martial Arts Dojo in Rugby or contact us via email an sales@mcbuttonclothing.com 

We also sell coffee, drinks and sweets in the shop so you can wait and have a coffee while we make your custom t-shirt or hoodie.

Kim is really the mastermind behind McButton, She is constantly coming up with new designs and acquiring new products for the customers such as custom cold cups:

Or custom mason jars:

Even custom wedding coasters:

And so much more!

We also offer a custom service to martial arts schools where we will produce your club merchandise to order and host a clothing page for your club on our website and then send you the profit after the cost of production and labour. 

This means:

  • No setup costs
  • No need to hold loads of stock
  • You profit while sat on the sofa at home! 

If you would like to offer custom made branded clothing to your students get in contact with us to register your martial arts school. 

We proudly work with Canterbury Medieval Combat for example:

We offer a wide range of custom products such as:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodie
  • Zoodies
  • Varsity Hoodies
  • Varsity Zoodies
  • Gym Sacks
  • Barrel Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Holdalls
  • Car Decals
  • Mugs
  • Phone Cases
  • Laptop Bags
  • Water Bottles
  • Cold Cups
  • Coffee Cups
  • Signs
  • Cards
  • Seminar Merch
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Gifts For Kids

And quite a bit more that I have probably forgotten!

That's pretty much everything you need to know about McButton Clothing! We are a new business but we can already do a lot and our products and services are constantly improving as we grow!


The McButton Team
a.k.a Jamie & Kim