Busy Busy Busy!

Busy Busy Busy!

The past few days at McButton Clothing have been crazy busy!

We have been open just over a month and we already have loads of orders to complete and a steady stream of martial arts schools that want us to produce their custom branded martial arts merchandise!

Kim is ecstatic as she keeps saying to me that this is what she has wanted all along to have the opportunity to put her creativity to good use in a job she loves doing!

We really appreciate the support from everyone so far and we are excited to see what McButton has in store for us over the coming months. 

I feel like we should have done this ages ago! I spent years selling martial arts weaponry and while i ran a successful business, I can see a lot more potential in McButton as it’s not such a niche market and we are good at what we do! 

I stopped running the weapons shop (Ningu) for a number of reasons but it was mostly because the market price became extortionate for individual items and my personal speciality is building Japanese swords which is extremely complicated now that they are technically illegal to import. 

Anyway enough about the past we make clothing now and lets be honest it far less morally ambiguous! Nobody is going to get injured by a rogue t-shirt accident (Don’t quote me on that, just incase)!

We also announced the winner of our first giveaway competition today!

The winner was Emma Smith who will shortly receive a custom hoodie and custom cold cup! Congratulations! 

We love doing a good giveaway! Watch this space as there will be another one announced in March once we have decided on a product and design which is cool enough to give away. 

We may even start doing regular live videos showing you how we do what we do and giving away cool free stuff to those of you who we deem to be worthy of a blessing from McButton! 

This is going to be a relatively shirt blog post as like i said we are really busy at the moment.

The last thing I want to mention is a new product range coming soon, Taff t-shirts! 😂 No we aren’t slating the Welsh you will get it when we release them! We’ve got some awesome designs coming and we want to make Taff t-shirts a thing!

McButton Team Out! 

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